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Christmas Donations to the Salvation Army

Annually, the Guild makes donations to the Salvation Army.  In the past, individual Guild members have created stockings or Santa Sacks for children and filled them with all kinds of things to delight under-privileged girls and boys served by the Salvation Army.  There were usually 40-55 stockings brought to our December Christmas gathering to be presented to the representative of the Salvation Army in attendance.  In the past year and again this year, our focus has shifted to assist the homeless men served by the Salvation Army at the Bayside Mission.  So instead of stockings or Santa sacks, we suggest a pillowcase, either one the Guild member makes or has on hand, which can hold personal items for a single man.  Pillowcases are something that can be used all year long.  Any number of the following suggested items would be warmly welcomed by these men—mittens, magazines, underwear, slippers, writing paper, pen, mug, deodorant, socks, toothbrush, had, hand cream, blanket sleeper, hot chocolate, scarf, long johns, toothpaste, hand towel, nail clippers, sweater, soap, chocolate, hair brush, calendar, candy, shampoo, gum, puzzles, flash light, razor blades etc.  Those who don’t have time to put a pillowcase/sack together are invited to consider bringing in some items to help stuff someone else’s pillowcase/sack.

We also play “quilter’s bingo” at our Christmas gathering and the coin that members use to mark their bingo cards is also collected and donated to the Salvation Army to support all the charitable work they do.



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