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Carry & Cover Bags for Hospice

This project was approved by KQG Executive as a new Charity Project in March 2013.

Hospice Simcoe is a facility that provides for the needs of people in all of Simcoe County who are dying.  There is no cost to the families to use their services and they are a non-profit agency.  They asked for our Guild’s help to make two types of small bags.

Carry bags will be used by families to take their loved one’s belongings home.  These bags help to maintain the dignity of the person that has died.  As you can imagine, it is truly comforting for the family to be able to take the belongings of their loved one home in a bag created with love by our volunteers instead of a grocery store bag.

Whenever you have leftover fabric or a block or two left over after making a quilt, why not consider turning the fabric or block into a bag for Hospice Simcoe.  The bags can be any shape, colour or size.  Any size bag will be appreciated but 15″ x 16″ is recommended.  Usually the family has some night clothes, toiletries and perhaps a few photos to put into the bag, so they don’t need to be huge.

More recently Hospice Simcoe has asked for another type of bag to support their efforts to provide dignified care for people in their care.  In addition to the general carry bags described above, they could use catheter cover bags. This type of bag should be approximately 12 inches wide by 14” long, open at both ends with a drawstring at the top.

Please bring any bags you make to a Guild meeting and we will ensure that they are delivered to Hospice Simcoe.

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