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More prizes to win👏

A Special Note from Darlene

Hello ladies
I am writing to you today, to update you on what is happening with the draws for  your completed “Log Cabin Fever” quilt tops.  I have changed things up a little, as I was able to acquire a few more prizes.  There will be two draws.  One will take place in Sept. and the other will take place in Nov.  You could be a winner in either draw or both.  Let me explain.
The first draw will take place at the executive meeting on Sept. 8th.  In order to have your name entered into this draw, I need to have a photo of your completed log cabin top sent to me.  There will be two winners on the 8th.  
First Prize:  Donated by Nicole Pelton, Nicole’s Longarm Quilting
    Nicole will quilt your “Log Cabin Quilt” free of charge.          (You must supply the batting and the backing.)

Second Prize:  Donated by Marlies Kinnell, Quilt Finish Longarm Studio    Marlies will donate a $50.00 gift certificate towards having your “Log Cabin Quilt”   quilted by her.(You must supply the batting and the backing.)

For those of you who miss out on winning either of these two prizes, Nicole Pelton is offering to quilt your Log Cabin Quilt at a discount of 15% off plus no tax!  (You must supply the batting and the backing.)

Now for the Nov. 10th draw.  This draw will be for a totally finished quilt, which means that the quilt is to be quilted, bound and with a label.  Again, I will need photos sent to me and your name will go into the draw.  I have three prizes, donated by quilt stores in our area, for this draw.   

“Thimbles and Things” – $25.00 Gift Certificate
 “HummingBird Sewing”  – $25.00 Gift Certificate
 “Country Concessions” –  prize unknown at the moment

So, if you are a little behind in getting your blocks done and put together, you still have a couple of months to get your tops finished.  To those of you who have finished your tops, and sent in your photos –  they look great!   Keep those photos coming. If you have any questions, please get back to me and I will be glad to clarify. Enjoy your week.


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Joanne Bent Introduction

2021 “The Secret Garden” 21″ x19″

Hello Everyone
I thought I would avoid the rain, try my hand at something new today and write a blog post for our new and exciting webpage. By now you probably all know me as your Newsletter Editor. This is year four-in-a-row for me and I’m pretty sure this is my most favorite year yet. Not to knock the first three years but a lot of the old newsletter was about conveying news…go figure. I feel like now it’s more about keeping us all connected and sharing stories since we can’t meet in person. All that being said, I’m more than happy to step aside if someone would like to put their own twist on the KQG newsletter. A new year is coming up fast!

So, the Anniversary newsletter got me thinking a lot about why I personally enjoy the guild. I loved reading all your answers about the charity quilting, show and share, comfort quilts, pot lucks and more social meetings but nobody mentioned what I enjoy….the Challenges! There is nothing like a good challenge to spark creativity and for me, quilting is definitely a creative process.
There have been quite a few challenges over the years since I joined in 2013/14 and I thought I would take you on a trip down memory lane for my introduction post. The first one I can remember involved a really ugly piece of fabric and having to use that to make a place-mat for Meals on Wheels. I wish I had taken a picture of this place-mat before it got donated because I was fairly new to quilting back then and had only made a couple of things. I vividly remember that ugly cow fabric and trying to turn it into a farm scene. Sometimes I think about whoever ended up with that place-mat and having to see an ugly cow stare up at them as they eat their morning eggs.
In 2015 there was a challenge to use selvedge edges in a project. I have a sneaking suspicion that Marlies may have been behind this one but I don’t remember for sure. I made a little art quilt with a selvedge vase of flowers. For the hanging tabs I used a lace that tied up a precut bundle. I thought that was pretty clever of me considering the challenge involved using the bits of fabric we normally cut off and throw away!

2015 “Selvedge Vase” 16.5″ x11″

Sometimes the challenges come as part of a program like in the summer of 2019 when we had to make house blocks from Moda’s free “Be my Neighbor”pattern ( and then played Quilt Bingo to win someone else’s blocks. I wound up with two batik houses made by the same person and two blue houses possibly made by the same person or not. We then had to make something using the blocks we won. I made another little art quilt and challenged myself to try facing for the first time. I used the Neighbor pattern as inspiration for the trees and flowers but did my own thing, including using all the corner cut offs of the trees and stem leaves to make tiny half square triangles! (Side note: I was really impressed by Program Dana and all the creative things she came up with that didn’t involve speakers. We had a great few years with her at the helm.)

2019 “Bingo Houses” 30″ x 20″

Also in 2019, Robbie had a President’s challenge that involved the Kona colour, Bright Periwinkle. This challenge coincided with the CQA Guild challenge that year “Going Viral”…kind of ominous now considering the following year! But at the time it was referring to things that get popular really fast via the internet. We had a quite a few participants in this one and it was fun to see how everyone interpreted the challenge differently. I picked a popular hashtag at the time (#savethebees) mostly because I really got into English Paper Piecing and wanted to keep on going with the hexagon thing. Part of the challenge was to limit yourself to the purple, and at most, two other fabrics which is a really difficult thing to do when you normally use lots of different fabrics, prints and colours. I had a lot of fun embroidering the little bees everywhere.

Lastly (but hopefully not the last) I did the Book Challenge this winter. I’m fairly certain that I am the only one who completed this challenge that Esther proposed to the Guild back in January. She told me she was working on one but I haven’t heard a peep in awhile. If I’m wrong, please let me know because I would love to see what anyone else created!
I chose to re-read “The Secret Garden” by Francis Hodgson Burnett and made a picture quilt that now hangs in my kitchen. The quilt shows the moment when the Robin helps Mistress Mary find the key to the garden in a mound of freshly turned soil. You can see the full piece hanging on my garden shed way back at the top of this post, but here is a close up of a wide-eyed Robin I am learning to love instead of being critical of his possibly-on-drugs appearance. (haha) I used all of the quilty things in this piece, including yo-yos, applique, couching, embroidery, beading and hand quilting. (and all of the fabric types; linen, chambray, batik, plain old quilting cotton!)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little grouping of KQG past challenges. If you don’t take part in them normally, I want to encourage you to do so. It’s fun to stretch your own creative muscles and try something new , but it is equally as fun and inspiring to see how other quilters are flexing their own muscles in such different ways! If you have a challenge you think might be enjoyable please let the Executive know. Someone may be willing to take it on or (even better) you can run it yourself. Rest assured you will always at least have one participant in me!

Joanne Bent

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Just a reminder💁

Hello Fellow Quilters,
We have been graciously invited by the Simcoe County Quilt Guild to attend an upcoming speaker event.

Time:  1:00p.m. on Thursday May 27th Subject:  Guest Speaker is Bill Stearman and his presentation is Backpack Quilt Zoom Show referencing the fact that the quilts will be at home. He will discuss his quilt journey and the effects that they represent up to our current time. 

Check your email from Julie Stewart for the Zoom Access ID and passcode. Please note this is for KQG members ONLY.

See you tomorrow.😉

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More Finished Log Cabins!

Congratulations KQG Quilters!!! More names for the Block of Month 2020-2021 September Draw.

Be sure to send your finished quilt top photos to Darlene to be entered in the Block of the Month Draws and to be featured online too!

  • Brenda B
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May 2021 Newsletter

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Log Cabin Fever Sew-Along Draws❤

A Special Note From Darlene

Hello Ladies
This month we will be putting our Log Cabin Fever quilt-top together. Those of you participating in the BOM, will receive a copy of the “Block Layout sheet”, which will show you how to layout your squares to finish your quilt top (It will be much like working on a jigsaw puzzle).

I also wanted to mention that we will be having a draw in Sept. and Nov. The first draw in Sept. will be for those of you who finish putting your top together. A photo of your quilt top has to be forwarded to me, in order to have your name put into the Sept. draw. Each prize is for a $25. gift certificate. The second draw, in Nov., as per our Guild custom, will be for a totally completed quilt – quilted, bound and labelled. More information will be sent out closer to the time of the Nov. draw.

Thank you to HummingBird Sewing and Thimbles and Things Quilt Shop for the prizes. If you would like to take part in the Sept. draw, please send
me a photo of your finished top and I will enter your name. The draw will take place on Sept. 8th at our Exec. Meeting.

Thank you to those of you who continue to send in photos of your monthly BOM projects. I can’t wait to see your finished tops.


Congratulations to Diane. The first assembled quilt top photo received by Darlene. Her name will be entered into the September draw.

Congratulations to Darlene too! She shared her photo with me. Great job ladies. I can’t wait the see more.

For those of you interested in the 2021-2022 QAL, I will be your “host” and I can’t wait to get started. Please let me know what you would like to make. Click here to Vote.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend. Be sure to read the May Newsletter!

Kathleen – Your 2021-2022 KQG QAL Host

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Linda Mielke Bio

My first quilt guild meeting ever, was April 2008, when I visited Grace United Church to check out what quilting was all about. I paid my visitor entrance fee, and sat down. There was a lot of activity all around and lots of quilting supplies all over the hall. The president, Janet Whittaker welcomed everyone, and there was a short business session. Then she proudly announced, “Now the fun begins. Shop till you drop.” At which point everyone got up and started shopping at the stalls set up around the hall. I was very disappointed, having paid my $5.00 fee to come in and shop. I wasn’t prepared to shop and decided to leave. The person at the door advised me to come back again next month, there would be a speaker. I was very surprised to hear that, and was happy that quilt guild meetings were not just a reason to come out and shop. To make a long story short, at the next meeting, a speaker showed many quilts, and this was followed by elections. It seems no one wanted to volunteer for many of the positions available, and I thought if I was going to be part of this group, I would do something, and I have been on the executive ever since. Best decision ever.

Whether you think you don’t have the time, or I’ve done it before, take another turn on the executive. Let’s keep this guild growing.

Linda's Workshops

Quick and Easy Quilt As You Go

The nicest part of quilting for me, is having fun with fabric. Always testing new colour combinations and improvising patterns.

First row quilted

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