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Quilts for Survivors

Hello dear Quilters. Quilters from all over Canada are making blocks and sending them to Vanessa Génier in Timmins, ON, to be made into quilts for survivors of the residential school system.

Vanessa created the Quilts for Survivors Facebook page on June 27, in reaction to the recent discovery of unmarked graves at several previous residential school sites. The page already has more than 500 followers, and quilters engaged in making and donating blocks. Some have already arrived in the mail!

“I believe that this is a way to give back to the communities that are hurt with the recent discovery of remains on former residential schools land,” says Vanessa, who plans to send the finished quilts to as many First Nations communities as possible, for distribution to the survivors.

The request is for 16.5-inch blocks (finished size) incorporating at least one orange fabric. Vanessa is also accepting donations of batting, backing fabric, and thread to assemble the lap-size quilts (approximately 48” x 62”). At least one long-armer has offered to finish some of the quilts. Originally the deadline for blocks was August 1, but Vanessa moved that to October 11 so that all those quilters who are away from their machines for the summer can still participate.

Please check out the Quilts for Survivors Facebook page and let me know if you would like to participate. I have offered to coordinate the donations from our Kempenfelt Quilters’ Guild and get them to Vanessa Genier in Timmins. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you. Dana Romanish (705) 817-4741

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