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October program

Next Guild night is make and take Christmas ornaments! A kit with some of the supplies will be provided, and along with a few bits and bobs from home, we will make some cute and easy, no sew ornaments to take home.
Supply list

2”-7” strips of fabric
4” square of fabric
10” square of fabric
small buttons
Needle and thread
Embroidery floss or thin twine for hangers
Optional- glue stick

See you at 7pm on October 21!

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Pillowcases for the Salvation Army

Thanksgiving will soon be over and we will be thinking ahead to Christmas. The Salvation Army Bayside Mission cares for homeless men in our community. Our Guild typically donates approximately 35-50 pillowcases filled with products each Christmas. You may donate a pillowcase that you have sewn or one that you have at home. Pillowcases are items that can be used year round.

Fill your pillowcase with goodies and mark on it the size (Male M-L-XL.) You need not fill it totally but you might tie it halfway down like a sack. If you do not have a pillowcase, please consider donating some of the items from the list below.

Please bring donation items and pillowcases to our December meeting. They will be collected by, we hope, a member of the Salvation Army.

You may contact Mary Greiner at 705.739.7111 if you have any questions.

Here is a list of items needed by the men:

Gloves, deodorant, new boxers and undershirts, soap, handcream, socks, long johns, candies, chocolate, gum, nail clippers, hot chocolate, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, magazines, bath towels, flashlight, shampoo, razor blades, shaving cream.

Also accepted:

Gently used men’s clothing such as sweat pants, sweaters, pants, t-shirts and jackets.

Mary Greiner

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Help! My fabric smells like mothballs

Susie Page writes:

I have stored fabric for decades in Rubbermaid totes with mothballs – as my Mother did.

Now, I want to use some of the fabric. After repeated washings (the last one using 50/50 vinegar and water) I still cannot get the smell of mothballs out of my fabric.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you, in advance, for your help.

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Stork Scissors

I am sure most of you have seen, or even own, a pair of stork scissors. But, do you know the story behind them? This particular pair belonged to my mother and were well used!

Originally, stork scissors were not scissors at all. They were invented as umbilical clamps that midwives used in their birthing kits. While attending home births, there were often several hours of waiting. Midwives would do their sewing to pass the time. These scissors were later manufactured as embroidery scissors when home births began to dwindle and hospital births became the norm.

There you have it! The story of the “birth” of stork embroidery scissors.

Robbie Siebert

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Request for Quilting Assistance

The following is an inquiry received from KQG’s Home Page. Perhaps one of our talented members is able to help.


I have just received a quilt top made by a family member in Australia, a memorial to her husband. Now I need to find someone who will finish it as a quilt for me. A friend suggested having it put on a base and then tufted but I know NOTHING about quilting so will accept all recommendations. Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

Kathy French

Kathy’s contact email is:

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Robbie Siebert Introduction

Hello fellow KQG members and quilters everywhere! I am here to introduce myself and share my quilting journey. Two of my five sisters had been quilting for several years when our mother decided to try making one. My sister chose a pattern for Mum to try called Blackfords Beauty, since Blackford was her maiden name.

This was the only quilt Mum made before she passed away. My three non quilting sisters were not interested in Mum’s quilting tools, so I decided to give it a try. I began with a small cutting mat, a very small rotary cutter, one ruler and a book! My younger sister showed me the basics, and my first project was a table runner. It no longer exists as I used it on a window ledge under some plants; sun faded and stained from the plants, it had its day. But the flame was lit, and there was no putting it out!
My first quilt was for my queen size bed. The fabrics were chosen mostly by price, and I used muslin on the back to save money. I picked what I thought was a stunning pattern from my Mum’s book. If I knew then what I know now, I might have changed my mind. So below are the photos of that first quilt, a feathered star.

I quilted the feathered star on my domestic machine. I had no idea what I was doing. That machine is still going strong and is being used at my son and daughter-in-laws trailer!
My next quilt was a hand appliqué that I did with my sisters. We each made six identical blocks, kept one for ourselves, and shared the rest. The next photo is the result, each block made by a different sister, depicting our individual families. It was also my first hand quilting. The bottom left block is my family.

My quilting slowed down as I had a busy life being a working mum with two boys in competitive hockey, a husband who was often away while in the army. My quilting flame never went out! Here are a few of my favourite projects over the years.

The rest, as they say, is history. I’m still making quilts, and still loving it!

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See you next Friday!

Great news everyone!

We can now meet at Grace United beginning October 8, 2021 at 10 am … only 19 months since our last meeting!

There will be some protocols in place as is to be expected.  Masks will be required. You will have to show proof of full vaccination, so please bring your vaccination certificate.  Photo ID won’t be necessary.  Once we have your proof of vaccination it will not be needed for any subsequent meetings. 

A tracking sheet will have to be completed at each meeting as well as answering the usual COVID questions.  I plan to have a sheet with everyone’s name and contact number at each meeting that can be submitted to the Church each time we meet.  I have ​Lysol wipes to wipe the tables before and after the meetings.  There may be further expectations from the Church that we will have to observe.  I plan to check with the Church early next week. 

If you can think of any questions I should ask the Church, let me know.   I have a couple; will we be allowed to eat a lunch???  Do we have access to the kitchen (I suspect not)? Table spacing and set up may prove interesting, so be prepared for some uncertainties. As with everything that has happened during this pandemic, things/rules/protocols etc. will change, so please be flexible. 

I will update you on any changes as I learn them. Finally, I will leave it to you whether you are comfortable attending meetings. 

Dates; Oct.  8 & 22 Nov. 5 & 26 Dec. 3    2022 Jan. 7 & 21 Feb. 4 & 18nMar. 11 & 18 Apr. 8 & 29 May 6 & 20 June 3? Hope to see as many of you who are comfortable on Friday.

Barb and Waverley

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Charity Quilt 2021 Friendship Star

Friendship Star Batik Quilt
Friendship Star Quilt Block – Charity Quilt 2021

Hello fellow quilters. This year we will be working on making Friendship Star blocks to be sown together for our 2021 Charity Quilt project. I was looking through Pinterest and online to get ideas for the project and fell in love with this simple but powerful quilt. Further ‘googling’ I came across this explanation of the history of the Friendship Star block.

 In the days of the pioneers, Friendship Star quilts were made for women about to embark on their pioneer journey. Her friends would each sew these simple stars and embroider their name in the center of the star. The quilt would be presented to their friend to take along with her on the journey west. The women who received the Friendship Star quilts found comfort in not only the quilt itself but also in the memories of her friends who made it for her. These gifted quilts made the difficult journey of leaving friends and family behind a little more bearable. 

I will be handing out kits at our October 21st meeting. Each kit will include instructions plus grey and dark blue fabric enough to complete two blocks. You will be asked to supply the fabric for the stars – any bright colour. When you return your completed blocks they must measure exactly 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ square so special attention must be paid to your scant 1/4″ seams. Your name will then be entered into a draw to win a fabulous prize.

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the dark for it shows me the stars.