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See you next Friday!

Great news everyone!

We can now meet at Grace United beginning October 8, 2021 at 10 am … only 19 months since our last meeting!

There will be some protocols in place as is to be expected.  Masks will be required. You will have to show proof of full vaccination, so please bring your vaccination certificate.  Photo ID won’t be necessary.  Once we have your proof of vaccination it will not be needed for any subsequent meetings. 

A tracking sheet will have to be completed at each meeting as well as answering the usual COVID questions.  I plan to have a sheet with everyone’s name and contact number at each meeting that can be submitted to the Church each time we meet.  I have ​Lysol wipes to wipe the tables before and after the meetings.  There may be further expectations from the Church that we will have to observe.  I plan to check with the Church early next week. 

If you can think of any questions I should ask the Church, let me know.   I have a couple; will we be allowed to eat a lunch???  Do we have access to the kitchen (I suspect not)? Table spacing and set up may prove interesting, so be prepared for some uncertainties. As with everything that has happened during this pandemic, things/rules/protocols etc. will change, so please be flexible. 

I will update you on any changes as I learn them. Finally, I will leave it to you whether you are comfortable attending meetings. 

Dates; Oct.  8 & 22 Nov. 5 & 26 Dec. 3    2022 Jan. 7 & 21 Feb. 4 & 18nMar. 11 & 18 Apr. 8 & 29 May 6 & 20 June 3? Hope to see as many of you who are comfortable on Friday.

Barb and Waverley

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