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Pillowcases for the Salvation Army

Thanksgiving will soon be over and we will be thinking ahead to Christmas. The Salvation Army Bayside Mission cares for homeless men in our community. Our Guild typically donates approximately 35-50 pillowcases filled with products each Christmas. You may donate a pillowcase that you have sewn or one that you have at home. Pillowcases are items that can be used year round.

Fill your pillowcase with goodies and mark on it the size (Male M-L-XL.) You need not fill it totally but you might tie it halfway down like a sack. If you do not have a pillowcase, please consider donating some of the items from the list below.

Please bring donation items and pillowcases to our December meeting. They will be collected by, we hope, a member of the Salvation Army.

You may contact Mary Greiner at 705.739.7111 if you have any questions.

Here is a list of items needed by the men:

Gloves, deodorant, new boxers and undershirts, soap, handcream, socks, long johns, candies, chocolate, gum, nail clippers, hot chocolate, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, magazines, bath towels, flashlight, shampoo, razor blades, shaving cream.

Also accepted:

Gently used men’s clothing such as sweat pants, sweaters, pants, t-shirts and jackets.

Mary Greiner

🎅🧑‍🎄❤ Here is a great “How To” video for our new quilters and those of use who might need a refresher!

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