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POGO (Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario)
Candlelighters Simcoe (Parents of Children with Cancer)
KQG QUILTS for children with Cancer

In 2014, I was contacted by Diane Dekkers, a Pediatric Interlink Community Nurse, who worked at Sick Kids Hospital. Diane asked if our Guild would be interested in making quilts for children with cancer who resided in Simcoe County. Our Executive approved POGO as our new charity project.

Pediatric Oncology specialists in Ontario have collaborated to deliver the right care at the right time and in the right place for children with cancer and their families. The quilts we make, for these children, can be any size, any colour, flannel or cotton – the choice was and still is ours. The children range in age from infants to 18 years.

In 2019, Diane told me that the Candlelighters Simcoe would now be collecting the quilts from us. Cheryl Godhouse, a nurse at RVH, and a member of Candlelighters, attended one of meetings and to explain the Candlelighters Simcoe.
Candlelighters Simcoe is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that provides programs and services for young cancer patients residing in Simcoe County and surrounding areas and also to those they depend on for strength and support. Candlelighters Simcoe was established in 1990 by the parent of a childhood cancer patient.
Candlelighters Simcoe provides programs and services exclusively for children with cancer and their families. Candlelighters Simcoe programs and services are aimed at needs of the entire family, and deal mainly with alleviating both the emotional and financial stress that families of children with cancer deal with on a daily basis. Their programs are facilitated by parents whose children have been diagnosed with cancer.

Cheryl Godhouse will be at our November meeting and we will present her with the quilts we have for the children. Should you have a quilt you would like to pass along, please bring it with you to the meeting or drop it off to me and I will make sure it gets to Cheryl.

Hope to see you at the meeting.

Darlene Jackson

P.S. Below are a few pictures of quilts to be presented to Cheryl at Thursday night’s meeting. A big thank you to everyone who has donated quilts.

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