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President’s Message December 2021

Season’s Greetings Fellow Quilters,

We recently received our first snowfall which reminds us all that Christmas is just around the corner. I see more and more lights and decorations when I’m out walking. It’s an exciting time for many families but also a lonely time for others. It is even more important than ever to be kind to our neighbours.

Quilting often gets set aside at this time of year or, if you are like me, I’m thinking of last minute gifts that I still might be able to make, such as eco shopping bags that can double for Santa sacks or microwave bowl holders.

Just a reminder that January and February are Zoom meetings so that no one has to drive through snow squalls to get their quilt “fix.”

What’s on your design wall for 2022? Perhaps taking an online class from a new teacher. I plan on learning some new improve techniques for modern quilts.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season

Merry Quilty Christmas

Susanne Holt

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