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Robbie’s Report

Here we are again! Ready for program details for our December meeting. Alas, no potluck this year, but feel free to bring your own beverage to sip! We will have a bit of guild business, then a few games (with prizes!) followed by some show and share and a 50-50 draw. There are a few things to bring, so here is a  list I made. And yes, I checked it twice! 

For the games:

Bring  your coins to use as bingo markers, which you may choose to donate to the Salvation Army fund. Please bring your own pen or pencil for some word games. One last game item-one  fat quarter, Christmas themed if possible! These will go into a bag at each table, and the winner of the word games gets the bag!

Pillowcases for the Salvation Army. The target is men, so mark them small, medium etc. Items to help fill them include toiletries, warm socks, hats, mitts, t-shirts, longjohns and  track pants. Perhaps a small Christmas treat or two! 

Bring your usual show and share, Christmas themed or not, your BOM blocks, any charity quilt blocks you have, and a loonie or two for the 50-50 draw. 

And lastly….your Christmas cheer! Hope to see you all there!  

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