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Happy New Year, fellow quilters! I thought I would get the ball rolling on some announcements about our program for the second part of our guild year. As always, your suggestions are helpful!
We will be on zoom for January with guest speaker Paul Legere. I have yet to see one Paul’s presentations, so I am really looking forward to it!
We will be on zoom for February as well. I’m looking for a guild member who would like to do a members trunk show. Please email me for more details if you are interested!
March has not been finalized, my plan is for book reports. I would like 2-3 volunteers to purchase a book at the guilds expense and give us a report about it. The bonus is, you get to keep the book!
April will be a fun month with something a little new. Lisa Jones and Deborah Jones will be running the evening with a quilt related pub quiz! Sounds like fun to me! More info on program to come as I finalize plans. In the meantime, email for information on how you can participate in our programs. See you all on the 19th!
Robbie Siebert, program director

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