Comfort Quilts 101

What is a Comfort Quilt?

Size:  40” by 60”

Fabric: 100% cotton and flannelette.

          Child appropriate

          Nothing metallic or sparkly

Backing fabric:  100% cotton or flannelette plain or patterned

          May be pieced

Batting:  any type is suitable.

Finishing:  hand or machine quilted – no tied quilts

                 Label on front

History of Comfort Quilts

Begun in 2004 as a charity within the Kempenfelt Guild to provide quilts for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) in Barrie, ON.  The quilts can be placed over the isolets in the Unit to shield the babies from the lights and to provide a homier environment.  Parents may select a quilt or quilts for their child(ren) and the quilt(s) given to them when they leave the Unit.

The Comfort Quilt group has been supported by monetary donations from TD Canada Trust and Rama.  Also, by fabric donations from Fabricland and Northcott, as well as guild members and the community.

Thank you to our Sponsors

Barrie 348 Bayfield Street North, Barrie, ON
TEL: 705-726-4400
5899 Rama Rd, Orillia, ON L3V 6H6

Thank you “sew” much for your continued support.

Prepared kits contain pattern, precut fabric, batting, backing and label.  Some members also contribute tops which are made up into kits with batting, backing and label requiring only quilting. Kits are available to all Guild members.

Group members meet twice a month to sew quilts and make up kits from donated fabric and tops. Batting and backing are purchased through Fabricland.  Comfort Quilts meet at Grace United Church, Fridays from 10 until 2 from Sept. until June.